Performance Yoga

Less poem readings, less daily announements, less money, more yoga, more movement, and more breathing.   We developed Performance Yoga at The Factory to give Castle Rock yoga lovers a top notch yoga practice at half the cost of typical studios.  Our in house yoga instructor, Cynthia Brennnan, is the former owner and founder of The Yoga Projekt in Illinois.  She has extensive knowledge and experience in Astanga yoga. 


Performance Yoga has its roots in Ashtanga.   We'll also incorporate challenging core work and athletic movements that will take your practice and health to another level. 

First Week $1

$120 for 10 pack

$15 for drop in 

$99 Monthly Autopay for Access to all Factory Adult classes.

Call 720.431.8851 or schedule now to sign up!

Post Rehab Recovery and Personal Training

Personal training at The Factory is an experience, not just a service.    Whether you're looking to recover from nagging injuries or just get in shape, we've got you covered.