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Chocolate Power Shake That Will Blow Your Kids' Mind.

One of the most common questions we get from athletes and parents is about protein supplementation. Rightfully so, nutrition is the most important part of any training program or athlete's game so we are dedicating our first official blog post to offer an awesome protein recipe shake that everyone in the fam will love; we'll also answer a few frequently asked questions about protein. Please note that you should always consult a doctor or dietician before making any changes to your regular diet.

Before I get to the recipe, here's few frequently asked questions about protein supplements.

How often or when should I drink it? Depends on the person, if you're a pre-teen or teenager struggling to put on weight, you should use protein shakes and smoothies as a supplement to pack extra quality calories. Drink it (30-60 mins) before AND (20 mins) after practice/training sessions. If you're trying to gain weight don't neglect real food, if you want to put on weight you need to eat real food and crush good carbs especially before training. If a you're young athlete trying to lose/maintain weight you can use this shake as a pre workout meal/snack (30-60 mins before training) and/or as a meal replacement in place of unhealthy snacks and breakfast options.

What kind of protein powder? My suggestion is to find one you enjoy and that you will actually use. I'm a fan of Orgain brand because it does not have a synthetic taste. Here's a simple guide:

Plant Based Protein. Plant Based Protein does not have all the essential amino acids, but if you add milk you get them all. There are a lot of people in the nutrition industry that say we consume way too much animal protein. If that sounds like you, plant based is a good choice.

Whey. Whey is great, but there is a lot of really cheap stuff out there that tastes like dirt and will have low absorption rates. Whey is great for teenage boys really trying to bulk up.

Soy. Avoid anything with soy protein isolate, its synthetic and not good men/boys testosterone development. Odwalla "protein shakes" and other of the shelf pre made shakes typically use soy protein isolate. Look out for soy protein isolate in cheap energy bars.

Collagen Peptides. The new craze in the health world these days is collagen peptides, which is a tasteless powder full of essential amino acids derived from bovine collagen. Being that collagen is the most abundant protein in our connective tissues, it is awesome for young athletes. However, its not cheap. Regardless of the cost, its a staple in our house, we even mix a little in our babies food. Check out

How much protein do I need? For active adults and young athletes: Aim to get 20-30 Grams of protein per meal/snack; eat 4 - 6 times throughout the day depending on levels of activity.

For growing teenage boys: 30 - 50- grams of protein per meal/snack; eat at minimum 6 times per day if training/practicing intensely. Get protein from real food whenever possible - nuts, beans, fish, eggs, chicken, etc.

Avoid processed meats!! Processed lunch meat is terrible for you. World Health Organization gave some processed lunch meats a Group 1 "carcinogenic to humans" label. Group 1 also includes cigarettes.

When in doubt- Eat Real Food. Mostly Plants. Not too much.

Chocolate Power Shake Recipe

Step 1. Get a good blender. If you have an “Oster” from Target, stop reading this immediately and go get one of the following: Nutri Bullet ($75 and up), Ninja ($100 and up), or Vitamix ($400 and up). $400 for a Vitamix sounds crazy but it will be the best appliance you ever buy. It demolishes anything you put in there; I’m pretty sure you could blend a baseball if you worked at it long enough.

Step 2. Get this stuff.

Orgain Plant Based Protein. Plant based protein may sound weird or earthy, but its not. It’s the best tasting chocolate protein I’ve ever had, kids love it, and it’s easy to digest. It has almost all of the essential amino acids and I use regular milk to capture the rest. Besides, most of us get plenty of animal-based protein. Find it at Costco for $30 a canister or Sprouts for $30 - $40.

Frozen Bananas. Next time you’re at the store get two bundles, and then peel and freeze one bundle. It works best if you break the bananas into halves or thirds before freezing.

Chia Seeds. Essential Fatty Acids, Protein, and Fiber. Chia’s are the spark of life; I’ve seen them sprout out of my bathroom sink after brushing my teeth. There’s tales of an indigenous tribe in the mountains of the Baja that run long ultra-distances for fun on nothing but chia seeds and water. Get them in the bulk section at Sprouts and get a dedicated canister with a tight lid. Do not spill your container of chias.

Peanut Butter. Go all natural baby.


Hemp Seeds. Yes the seeds from the Cannabis plant, but get over it. You can get them at almost any health food-grocery store. They are incredibly nutritious and when blended make any shake super creamy.


Raw Cashews. I like to add a small handful cashews. Again, they add rich creamy flavor and have been positively correlated with Male testosterone.

Milk or Almond Milk. Your call. Just know you need less liquid than you think with any smoothie or shake, so long as you have a good blender.

Optional: Add scoop of collagen peptides

ICE!!! Don’t forget the ice!! About a 3/4 cup will do.

Power Shake Recipe:

2 or 3 scoops Orgain Chocolate Protein

1 frozen banana

1 serving chia seeds

1 scoop of PB and/or

1 tablespoon hemp seeds and/or

1 Small handful of raw cashews

About a cup of milk or almond milk- adjust to preference and blender quality

Ice Ice baby Ice.


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