Elite Baseball & Softball TRAINING

  In addition to a world class training program Factory ballplayers enjoy full access to batting cages, trainer led BP sessions, Rapsodo, velo programs and recovery systems. 


It's no secret a lot of great baseball players have chose to make The Factory their training home. Since our inception we've had over 30 full time Factory athletes commit to play baseball/softball in college; including 7 Division 1 commits.  The Factory was also the training home of Castle Rock's Case Williams for 3 years before he was drafted by the Colorado Rockies. 



Sports Performance College|hS|PREp

We are proud to work with athletes from baseball, softball, football, soccer, lacrosse, gymnastics, volleyball, track and wrestling.  Whether your goal is to improve your 40 time for football, increase your vertical, improve agility and quickness, or get bigger and stronger, we design custom training programs for serious athletes looking to play at the next level. We assess each athlete and develop a training program that will address muscular imbalances and maximize their performance.

Semi-Private $125 - $250/month
Private $100/session (10 session minimum)


YOUTH |10-14U Groups|Team SPEED|

Speed, strength, power, mobility; our youth sessions are as in depth as it gets.  Kids can do speed and agility drills all they want but the results will always vary if they don't build functional strength to execute those athletic  movements.  Typical sessions include sprint work, agility, sleds, kettle bells and band work. 

Iron Sharpens Iron

Just like we do with our older advanced athletes, we build relationships and hold the young bucks accountable.  Sessions often take place while the High School & College athletes are putting in their work, our younger athletes quickly pick up on the culture and learn what it takes to get to the next level. 


Monthly Fee:  $150 for 2X per week

Team Training: Contact for pricing

Individual Package: Custom Pricing


Skills + Speed Camps!!



This is now an ongoing SMALL GROUP/camp. Participants are taught hitting fundamentals through drills, hands on coaching, front toss and overhand BP. we aim to get each kid 70-100 swings per session. When not hitting, athletes are practicing glove work, throwing, or performing baseball inspired agility drills.  bomb Squad is coached and managed by Factory hitting coordinator, Jordan Stubbings & Coach Travis.


6/7U - Sunday 6-730PM

8-10U - Sunday 6-730PM

11-13U - Saturday 10:30 -12AM


Football POsitional Skills CAMP (H.S. & Youth)

Sweet feet is coached by Factory director of football performance and Douglas County HS offensive Coordinator, Ryan Buresh.  The program is centered around positional skills such as route running, footwork, agility, and catching lots of footballs. 

High School - Saturday 3-4PM

8-10U - Saturday 430-6PM

11-13U - Saturday 430-6PM