People say speed cannot be taught.  That statement is utterly false, we were all born to run.  Training athletes how to run and increasing speed is our greatest passion.   Speed training often involves increasing hip flexion, hip extension, stride length, ground force, posture, arm action, and improving take off mechanics.

ELITE College, high School, and PREp ATHLETES - ALL SPORTS

We are proud to work with athletes from baseball, softball, football, soccer, lacrosse, gymnastics, volleyball, track and wrestling.  Whether your goal is to improve your 40 time for football, increase your vertical, improve power at the plate or velocity on the mound, or get bigger and stronger, we design custom training programs for serious athletes looking to play at the next level. We assess each athlete and develop a training program that will address muscular imbalances and maximize their performance.

Individualized Packages from $125 - $250/month


YOUTH 14U and Under Small Groups

Small group sessions are for athletes of all sports.  Some modifications are made for sport specific programming and individual needs.  Small group sessions are designed build strength, speed, mobility, and improve bio mechanics in young athletes.  No matter the sport, your athlete will develop athletic skills that will increase their on field performance.   Athletes in small group sessions will also develop new friendships and participate in friendly competitions.


Monthly Fee:  $100-$150

Individual Package: Custom Pricing