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Train Smart. Train Hard. Train with Purpose.

The Factory is a semi private personal training and sport performance training facility in Castle Rock, Co.  We work with athletes from all sports - youth to college & pro.  Our core purpose is to help athletes reach new levels with sport specific training programs and maximize their on field performance.    We are proud to be represented at the collegiate level in baseball, softball, hockey, lacrosse, volleyball, soccer and football.   


Sport Specific Performance Training

Whether the goal is to increase speed, strength, size, vertical, or general athletic performance we have a proven process to get you there. Once an athlete has a proper foundation we can explore drills and exercises to target specific movements for the athlete's position and sport.

Speed | Power Development

 We help athletes increase speed through teaching proper running mechanics, increasing active range of motion, developing greater rates of ground force through strength and explosive power training.  That said, there is no magic pill, program or exercise to get faster.  Speed development is a process it requires variation, patience and consistency.  We've trained and tested hundreds of athletes from different sports and backgrounds; it's wildly clear that our process works.

Recovery | Rehab | Return to Play

While we do not have physical therapists on staff at The Factory we use a number of physical therapy devices and techniques to keep our athletes healthy and/or get them back on the field when injuries strike.  Athletes in our high school and college programs will benefit from Normatech recovery boots, BFR techniques (blood flow restriction), massage guns, stim units, and even manual massage knives.



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