Train Smart. Train Hard. Train with Purpose.

The Factory is a semi private personal training and sport performance training facility in Castle Rock, Co. We work with all athletes from all sports, from youth to the collegiate and professional levels.   Our core purpose is to help athletes reach new levels with sport specific training programs and maximize their on field performance.    We are proud to be represented at the collegiate level in baseball, softball, hockey, lacrosse, volleyball, soccer and football.   


Comprehensive Approach.

There is more to sports performance training than we have ever imagined.  That is why our comprehensive approach goes beyond strength,power, and speed to include mobility, end range of motion, posture, active flexibility, and breathing.


Speed and Power Development

 We help athletes increase speed through teaching proper running mechanics, increasing active range of motion, developing greater rates of ground force.  We've tested hundreds of athletes from different sports and backgrounds the data is overwhelming proof that athletes who train in The Factory will get faster. 

Training session with MLB All Star Michael Saunders @ The Factory



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