"Training athletes is much more about emotional intelligence than intellectual intelligence.   The foundation of performance training is the same for every athlete.  There are non negotiable principles in sports performance, theres no magic exercise, no magic pill.   The art is in connecting with athletes, developing trust, and designing a training program that an athlete will buy in to and be accountable to.  "What" we do is at the top of its class, but "how" we do it is what makes The Factory special.  That's why The Factory is a refuge for so many of our athletes, its their home away from home."    

Head Coach and Owner, Travis Mitchell


Travis holds a training certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Travis has his B.S. from Colorado State University where he was also an All-American Rugby Player.  After college, Travis served as a member of the California Smokejumpers upon graduating from one of the most physically demanding training programs in the civilian world. 


He lives in Castle Rock with his wife Caley and his 3 year old son Luke. 



Jinho is absolute fireball of energy.   He brings a tremendous ammount of energy to The Factory and its athletes.   Originally from Hawaii, Jinho graduated from Midland University with a BS in Health and Exercise Science.   Jinho was also an offensive weapon for the Midland football team.   He has over 8 years and thousands of hours of training experience.   He is an expert human anatomy, soft tissue therapy, and powerlifting.  Anyone who doesn't like Jinho should get thier pulse checked.

COACH Cameron

Cameron Day is a certified strength and conditioning coach (CSCS), the gold standard of sports training certifications.   Cameron graduated from University of North Texas with a degree in kinesiology.   He has a background in Basketball and football.   Cameron ios




Demari Renolyds AKA Sixx has rich background in coaching and training football players.  Sixx played football at Adams State; after which he received an invite to participate in the NFL combine.  After the combine he was invited to the LA Rams training camp.  After injuries shortened his run at pro football, Sixx dedicated his life to helping other achieve their goals.  Sixx is one of the most passinate coaches you will ever see.  We are lucky to have him!